Q: So sorry about you losing your friend. Stay strong <3 -randomly-spectacular

thank you, lovely :( <3

April 20th

hi, sorry that ive been inactive lately and idk if someone care but I feel like I have to explain why. my best friend passed away and I’m not ok. all I’m doing lately is be on twitter, trying to find a way to make a tribute to her, she was a lovatic and arianator, her dream was be noticed by Ariana and Demi. Often the one who would bring a smile to my face when I needed cheering up, and try to make things better, and now I’m trying to make her happy, trying to make her dream come true. So yeah, that’s it. I will be back soon.
AND If there are any brazilian lovatic reading this: se tiver algum lovatic brasileiro lendo isso e vai em algum show da Demi aqui no Brasil, se quiser me ajudar com a homenagem eu agradeceria MUITO.

April 19th 8


Dinah making her own dance moves during Don't Wanna Dance Alone +
April 8th 737 via source


5H + the window

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the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect.